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  • 2015-2016. Graduate in classical dance at the Professional Conservatory of Dance Maribel GALLARDO


  • 2013-2015. Centro Andaluz de Danza (Seville) in the specialty of Contemporary

    Masterclass of contemporary dance: 
    - Amos Ben-Tal
    - Eduardo Torroja (Assistant choreographer of the Company"Wim Vandekeybus")

    - Jose Agudo (Choreographic assistant "Akram khan Company")
    - María  Cabeza de Vaca
    - Ramón Oller
    - Antonio Ruz

    - Alvaro Frutos
    - Raúl Heras
    - Juan Luis Matilla. 20-24 Oct 2014

    Hip Hop Masterclass: with Paula Delgado


  • 2013. Master's degree officer in dance and arts of the movement. Catholic University San Antonio (Murcia, Spain).

    -Antón Valen (Clown) 
    -Kiko León (Basic acrobatic skills)
    - Andrés del Bosque (The mimo and pantomime)
    - Isabel Úbeda, Odin Teatre (The physical action and the dramatic game)
    - Nuria Font ( Working with the camera - Video Dance / Arts)
    - Janet Novas ( Technical Release)
    - Rosa Muñoz (Butoh)
    - Joe Alegado (Lemon Technic)- Patricia Gracia Parra (Body Mind-Contact Improvisation)

Máster en Danza y Artes del Movimiento. UCAM

Máster en Danza y Artes del Movimiento. UCAM

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  • Certificate of Royal Academy of Dance (RAD): Level 3 Certificate in Vocational Graded Examination in Dance: Intermediate (Ballet)