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  • "FELINA" New single of Lucia Love ft Miguel Saez y Mario Mendes-  (C) 2017 Emecubo Music, S.L.  

  • "NO LONGER MEETING THE REASON" co-produced by PUBERTY LOVE PRODUCTION (Spanish version of song "Englishman in NY" Sting) video for Roger Garcia. 2015. "David"

  • "DROJA EN EL COLACAO" Videoclip of the group "Enseco Band", produced by PUBERTY LOVE PRODUCTION. 2014. "Adult Protagonist"

  • "NEVER AGAIN" Videoclip of Ochoaeme band, produced by Miguel Sáez. 2007. Character: "Fallen Angel"

Short Films

  • "THE ANONYMOUS NIGHT". Dir.: Antonio Suviri. 2014. Personaje: "Jorge" 

  • "WHERE THEY FIT TWO... FIT THREE?" Produced by TiIC TAC FILMS. Dir .: Nieves Castro. 2013. Character: "Grimaldo"

  • "PEDRO CABALLERO, screenwriter" Dir .: Piere Faiazza. Short Film (2nd Prize at the 25th contest of the Erasmus program in Rome). 2012. Character: "Ramon"

  • "SON" Short School of Communication at the University of Seville. 2011. Character: "Ernesto"

Audiovisual Works

  • Film "La Estrella de Baphomet". Blackjackal Productions. Dir .: Angel Guede. 2011. Secondary Character: "Jonathan Miralles"

  • Pragma webseries "The New Order". BlackJackal Productions. Dir .: Angel Guede. 2010. Main character: "Miguel Gomez"

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